SIX Extraordinary Women Who Played Professional Baseball with Men.

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  1. Lizzie Arlington

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Although her real name was Elizabeth Stroud, this ground-breaking athlete played under the name Lizzie Arlington.    According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 3rd 1898, she was discovered by a fellow named Captain William J Connor.


As a baseball promoter, Connor was impressed by her performance during two non-sanctioned professional games, O’Connor arranged for her to play in the Atlantic League.  This led to her one and only appearance as a member of the Reading Coal Heavers on July 5th 1899.   She was promoted as “the most famous lady pitcher in the world” and drew a crowd of over 1,000 people.


Lizzie Arlington appeared on the baseball grounds in an elegant carriage drawn by two white horses and lifted the cap to the cheering crowd.   Before the game, she practiced at second base and was reported to have made “several neat throws”.   With her team leading 5-0 in the ninth inning, she was sent into the game.   After retiring the first two batters, Arlington loaded the bases by giving up two hits and a walk.   However, she would preserve the win by retiring the final batter.

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